Sustainably Made

Sustainably Made, Cruelty Free

Four Cow Farm PETA Cruelty Free SkincareAt Four Cow Farm the way we make our skincare is as important as the skincare we set-out to make. From the suppliers of our ingredients, packaging and energy to the handcrafted process we use to make our range, we’ve made sure that our enironmental impact is as small as it can be. And we’re all animal lovers at Four Cow Farm (our cows can attest to that) so all our ingredients are sourced without the harming of animals. We are also absolutely against animal testing of any kind – our products are only ever tested on people, starting with our family itself! Four Cow Farm is PETA certified meaning we do not test any of our products or use ingredients from suppliers that have done animal testing.

Our Packaging

Four Cow Farm Sustainable Recyclable PackagingFour Cow Farm’s bottles and jars are not only chosen because they’re good for our products (their deep amber colour helps keep our natural ingredients at their best by reducing their exposure to light), they’re also chosen because they’re good for the earth – they are 100% recyclable and made from one of the most recyclable forms of plastic, as well as extremely lightweight to ensure that the energy required to transport them to the babies and adults who use them is kept as low as possible.


Four Cow Farm Skincare Sustainable Water UseAt Four Cow Farm, water usage is always top of mind as every single drop we use, and that includes every drop that goes into our skincare and is used on the farm, comes from rainwater we collect on the farm itself. We know we’re privileged to have easy access to clean water (it also means we’re very happy when it rains!), and we’re always conscious of how it’s being used and ensuring that we minimise wastage. The water we use at every point in our handcrafted skincare process is always recycled, and nearly all of our wastewater goes to good use around the farm.

Green Energy

All the electricity we use on the farm and in the production of our skincare range comes from 100% renewable sources, primarily wind and solar. It’s our ultimate aim that the production of our skincare is as close to carbon neutral as possible not just by the source of energy that we use but by using it wisely and with minimal wastage. Alot of the equipment we use in the filling, labelling and packaging of our range is either manual or semi-automatic further reducing our energy needs.